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we call upon all members to come and join us in the efforts to make a world a better place


We officially opened our missions in january 2019

Guidance and counselling

we are yet to move to our society in patternship with healthy centers to have general free hiv testing and counselling

A few things we’re great at


Another important aspect in dealing with childlabour is to ensure that all children get enrolled in school as this will keep them focused on the school curriculum other than working long hours on farms, in markets and vending on the busy streets of kampala.In schools children interact with other children, they play, they rest and this is a very fundamental part of growth in their lives,for it keeps them innocent and young. Education helps children keep in the school all their prime years and is good for their physical and psychological development.


Through Arts and Media the voices of the children can be heard and understood by those that get involved with the society. Arts tell a story that can be told through poetry literature, spoken word and crafts. Media on the other hand is very influential on creating awareness on social network pages for example facebook, instagram, websites and twitter to mention but a few, to fight against child labour in the country. It brings to book the dangers of child Labour and how it affects children, making it a platform of awareness for the citizens


Today very many parents are complaining that what they earn is less and can’t afford to carter for the household . This has are very many parents to opt to employ their children at work so as to earn extra income due to abject poverty .This shouldn’t be the case, However through social cash transfers children can be kept in school and there can be just enough to carter for the family needs.


Community outreach is where as TLF, we shall move out into communities firstly gathering information about the causes, effects of child labour as well as the ways to eradicate the vice.
Involvement of the community in this exercise is very paramount as it helps educate others on how to fight against child labour and protect the innocent children. Further more community outreaches can also be used to reach out to the vulnerable children who lack basic needs and through these outreaches they get to feel loved as they receive clothes, foodstuffs, money collected from fundraising and a second chance uninterrupted opportunity of school

Our Team

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Ms.Agasha Elyne



Ms. Kwagala Priscila

Child Protection Manager


Mr. Mutazindwa Alex



Mr. Ssebunya Baker

Legal Officer


Ms. Ayikoru Teddy

Therapist/ Nurse


Mr. Kiwanuka Ronald

Community Engagement Manager


Ms. Owila Gloria

Field Officer


Mr. Tumukunde Cyrus



 Okwi Andrew(project manager)

Presumably education is the key to success as the old adages state however this has seized being the case. With the nature of the education being delivered in our country, aligning our due study goals and the outside world has been a hustle. This is due to lack of guidance from the business leaders and lack of a sense of direction in the business perspective.
Education does give a positive dreamland but without the intention to invent and innovate these dreams turn into nightmares.

Beyond school, aligning your self with the right colleagues should be the main basis if your are to become an entrepreneur or business leader regardless of your background.


The ability to identify loopholes in the nature of business actives and derive solution is more than what can be attained on a classroom board for it arises from individual brilliance of scanning the environment and formulating relevant strategies.

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i have fallen in love with your works,

Galiwango Charlse

wave tech

precious hearts deserves

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nile company

good for the society to have people of your trauts

Sebwato vicent


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