Alex is whole-hearted about community development and early child hood mentorship. As a Co-Founder of true lives foundation, Alex found his calling in 2011 while working with king of Kings College in Fort-portal as a teacher, counsellor and games teacher and his association with child development CBOs live Toro stars, Youth Talent Development Association (YOTADO) and Kyaninga Foundation. He has also worked with Kad-Africa passion fruits farms as the Operations officer as a major link with field officers and the organisation in 2014. Alex has worked with various top international organisations in including MRC/ UVRI & LSHTM Uganda research unit where he directly worked as an administrative assistant and a senior Administrator in Masaka. Alex has also been able to learn a lot in areas of project management disciplines like M&E, HRM, Procurement and many others and has been able to attained both a Bachelor’s degree in Procurement and logistics management and a post graduate Diploma in Project Management.