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True Lives Foundation

  1. Sanitary Pad Donation (SAN-PAD)

The objective of the project is to provide sanitary pads to the marginalized girls and educate them on sexual and reproductive rights.

Provision of sanitary pads will empower the girls; enhance their dreams, and eventually helps in economic development. The project also aims at training and protecting the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and adolescent girls by keeping them in school.

A research carried out in most African countries shows increased school dropouts among the girls in rural areas linked to reproductive health issues. A recent research in Uganda indicated that more than 1,039,000 school girls were missing classes at least 5 days in a month. It is estimated that vulnerable girls skip classes for 51 days in a year during their menstrual cycle, a situation that puts them at a disadvantaged position with their male counterparts. If not missing school, the girl is forced to use inappropriate and unhygienic materials that do not offer sufficient protection, putting her at risk of contracting infections and being the subject of ridicule. Some of these can be leaves, use of papers, re-use of previous pad and torn cloth material.


  1. Masaka district and out ward area, Hoima District, Masindi and Fort Portal
  2. More than 30 Rural schools and more than 20,000 students and pupils


  1. The Volunteers will participate by participating in the actual field distribution of the sanitary pads. Each volunteer will also be expected to directly interact with at least one girl and effectively teach them on proper hygiene, sexuality and reproductive fundamental rights.
  2. The Donors will participate by helping us raise enough resources that will enable us hire project staff, overseeing project development and operation, establishing and maintaining links with local government agencies, and budget for material grants.
  3. The professionals will participate in their various level of skills and expertise. We believe that is through professionals that we can develop working relationships with formal and informal leaders.

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